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There is only a way to purge the whole certificate store (for SSL root certificates like those used for 802.1x).

Is there an app, setting or (as a last resort) command line to remove a single certificate?

(Android 2.2)

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To be honest I had never removed a cert before but I've added my own and it looks like it's the same process.

It's basically:

  • use Linux (or a vm of Linux)
  • install bouncycastle (java SSL library)
  • download the cacerts.bks files from the device
  • use keytool -delete command to remove the cert from cacerts.bks
  • verify that it worked with keytool
  • push the cacerts.bks file back up to the device

Bouncy Castle: http://www.bouncycastle.org/latest_releases.html Detailed instructions on how to use keytool: http://wiki.cacert.org/ImportRootCert#Android_Phones

In ubuntu it's a little easier to download through apt just so you can get the PATH stuff right. "apt-cache search bouncycastle" should help.

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Since you're on 2.2, root your device, then use CACertMan:

Market Link Source Code

You can choose to delete certificates one-by-one, and back up your configuration for use later.

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