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Sorry about the clumsy question.

My Android HTC Magic was lost/stolen last night. I had an unlock swipe code, power-on SIM code and have called the phone company and had it blocked, so not too concerned about the phone itself being used by someone else.

What I am thinking about is when I get a new phone, what data/info can I get back easily as I can't just copy it from the old phone now? Obviously GMail/Contacts/Calendar are all stored on the web, any purchased apps are linked to my Market login, and I'm not concerned about photos, music etc that were on the SD card.

What I'm more concerned about are my preferences, settings, SMS texts, list of installed apps, prefs, data from those apps, etc. Are those all gone?

Addendum: I was thinking of rooting the phone, so did take a standard Nandroid backup a week ago that I have a copy of on my PC, if I get an identical model of phone and restore that, will my data come back? Also what happens if I try to restore that onto a different model of phone (I'm assuming bad things would happen)?

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As long as you didn't turn these features off, simply tying your Google account to a new phone will restore:

Backed up

  • Installed apps
  • WiFi settings
  • Bluetooth settings
  • Purchased apps

Not backed up

  • Preferences
  • Settings
  • Texts
  • Application data

To answer your second question: the Nandroid restore should work on an identical phone. However, this will not work for a different phone unless you only copied data in the backup. Any system data will cause problems on a non-identical device.

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Thanks, that's mostly what I guessed it would be, was just crossing fingers and hoping there was slightly more. Oh well, nothing I can do now. Now all I have to do is work out if I can cope on my old non-smart phone for 2 months until the earliest my contract lets me upgrade for free, visit eBay, or see how bad its going to hurt the wallet upgrading early :( – GAThrawn Jul 21 '10 at 19:07

For the next time to store more information on the cloud:

CallTrack can sync your caller lock to a Google Calendar that gets backed up.

SMS Backup can back up your SMS to a GMail label.

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What's really annoying is that, as I'd been looking at rooting it, I'd also been looking at these sorts of apps, just hadn't decided which to use and installed yet. Losing it a week later would have been so much less of a problem :( – GAThrawn Jul 22 '10 at 13:55
You could also back-up with Titanium backup, and copy the backup directory to computer just in case. – NoBugs Jan 16 '12 at 5:11

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