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I have a Sanyo Zio that is completely non-functional but for being able to get into fastboot.

Two questions:

1) I gather that the answer to this problem generally is to install a boot.img from fastboot. Is this correct?

2) Is there a place where such boot images are archived? Search as I may, I can't find such a site.

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I don't know anything about this phone, but this thread on xda has dump of the stock ROM. I am not sure if it includes the boot.img or not. The dump seems to be android 1.6, the original thread is here and is HUGE.

There is also a 2.2 thread here and it does look like the Zio has its own section on XDA as well. In the Development section, i found this thread. It has the boot.img, but someone posted saying they were unable to use them. I would suggest sending a PM to the person that pulled the boot.img off the device in that thread.

I hope this helps you in some way... I know what it's like to brick a phone, good luck.

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