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I have a Samsung Galaxy Note III(3) and when I open my gallery there is a folder for each hangout conversation that contains images I have sent.

Is there a way to delete the pictures or folders from the gallery or at least have the gallery not synced with the Hangouts application?

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You can delete the photos via the Google+ app or web interface. From the left-hand menu, click Photos. If you haven't turned on auto-upload and don't want to, click Not now to get rid of the prompts. Then, if you're in the app, open the menu that slides in from the left again, and choose Albums from the menu; or in the web interface, click More on the top, then Albums on that menu.

From there you can see the Hangout photos, listed separately from the 'real' photo albums. You can select and delete them to your heart's content. Note that "deleting" a photo from this view doesn't delete it right away: it moves it to the "Trash" or "Bin". To finish them off, you can find that on the same menu you were just on, or just wait for 60 days.

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Hangout photos that you have shared can be edited or deleted. Hangout photos shared by other people with you cannot be edited or removed. I find this process to be much faster on the website as opposed to the cell phone/tablet interface because you can search the page.

Finding your hangout photos (direct link):

  1. Go to Google+
  2. Using the dropdown menu on the upper left side of the page, select Photos.
  3. In the search box in the top of the screen, select the down arrow. - Animated gif on the Google help page shows where this is located as it is not intuitive (expand Desktop computer).
  4. Select Hangouts.

To find hangout photos shared with you, view all your albums in Google+ and search for an album with the prefix "Hangout:". They can also be found by clicking a photo in a Google Hangout message.

Note: you will not be able to edit photos shared to you by others. This can be very annoying as there is a questionable photo my wife sent me which I cannot remove from the shared album. In this case, I had to ask her to remove the photo from the shared album so it would no longer pop up in my photo gallery.

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Just remove your account from your device and the re-login but this time make sure you stop syncing all the data from your google account. Select the options in the settings where you untick sync google+ photos option.

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