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I am setting up a new phone for a family member.

I like to administer the phone from my Google Play account.

Can I do that without leaving my Google Play credentials on the phone? And have contacts, GMail etc connected to their own Google Account?

If not, can i move all my Google Play activities to a different account?

Accourding to this OLD post, what I ask seems difficult: How can I use Google Play without storing any Google account information on my phone?

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No, the Google Play account is a one-to-many relationship, that is, if you use google play on one handset with user@gmail.com, use the same account on another, everything syncs up. You cannot, just use user@gmail.com on one handset and administer another account. Furthermore, your account is tied to the device and to any other devices you have in your possession. –  t0mm13b Feb 27 at 14:14

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