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I have an app published on the Google Play store and it has been up for almost a year. Since then I have collected a bunch of ratings, most of which I see and read the written review. But then there are reviews that come in that don't have any name or content attached, but the review is there. It is almost as if the review is hidden.

For example, I have 8 one-star reviews. If I log my dev account, I can filter out one start reviews and count only 5 of them with actual content. But there are 3 completely missing and not on the list at all.

As the developer, I obviously care about each and every review. Why are these reviews missing? Can I make these reviews visible?

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I'm sure about the developer's point-of-view, but it is possible for a user to rate the app with stars only (i.e. no title, no comment). This must be the reason why you're not seeing content for them.

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