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I was removed from all groups before, when I changed my number. Will the same happen if I change my phone? This time, I have the same number but a different phone.

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You retain your groups if you have the same number.

Off-topic, you may also want to check the official documentation on how to back-up and restore your chat history to the new phone.

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Just backup your chat Whatsapp-> Settings-> Chat settings-> Backup conversations.

This will backup your chats to a database on your whatsapp folder of your SD card.

Copy the folder to your new phone and just install whatsapp and activate your account from your number. Restore old chats when asked. Voila :-)

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No you wont be removed from the group unless you din't change to a new phone number. Your groups will remain the same with same Phone number earlier.

If the group admin deletes the group or he removed you it depends.

Incase you want to restore the message from the old phone to new phone backup all data from Whatsapp backups directory which contains all your message backups as a .crypt file encrypted. And copy this file to your new phone and restore all your message.

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Why does a data backup needed ? can u explain..?Removing group is controlled by the group admin. So how does backing up data help? – Lucky Jun 13 '15 at 11:13
Once, I reset back to factory without backup on my phone. Then after that when I installed whatsapp again, My previous data completely removed. Hence thereafter, I backup data, before proceeding any installation of OTA update,reset etc, which can be restored easily. – Rahul Gopi Jun 13 '15 at 11:25

You won't be removed from groups if your number is same,

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He will be in the group still even if he updates his number.. – Lucky Jun 13 '15 at 11:12

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