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Believe it or not, but I want to remove a few Google Apps which I have no use for and want to free up space, resources and mobile data usage by not having them on my phone at all.

These include:

Google Currents Google Play Music Google Play Movies Google Play Newsstand Google Keyboard Google+

I have ‘uninstalled’ them via the Play Store, but they still appear in my ‘Installed’ items in ‘My apps’ in the Play Store and instead of ‘UPDATE' and ‘UNINSTALL’ for any other app in my ‘Installed’ list, they stubbornly remain and only have ‘OPEN’ AND ‘UPDATE’ options.

Also going in the ‘All’ list in ‘My Apps’, all these apps are also different from other ones, where unlike other locally uninstalled apps that have their payment status (‘FREE’ or ‘PURCHASED’) and a ‘X’ at the top to remove it from your Google Account entirely, these Google Apps that I don’t want on my Android and want to be completely optional for my Android experience, only have an ‘UPDATE’ and no X up the top of their listing.

I don’t mind them remaining on the Google Account if Google insists on this, but I just want listings to ‘update’ them in my Google Play updates list to be removed, given this is Google basically forcing me to reinstall them against my will.

Is there a way to do this?

I’m on stock 4.3 Gnex.

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The solution is to ‘Disable’ the apps from the Android system settings and they will no longer appear in your Play Store updates list.

E.g. for Google Currents:

Settings > Apps > All > find ‘Currents’ - tap it, select ‘Disable’.

The same applies to the all other listed apps in the question (with the exception of 'Google Play Newsstand’ which I couldn’t find in the list), and when you open the Play Store updates list anew, they will finally be gone from it as desired.

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N.B. I worked this out after already writing out the entire question so thought to document it here for others in the future instead. –  foregon Mar 22 at 4:33
Update: I'm now trying to remove Hangouts, and it isn't in the list of 'All' apps in Android system app settings, and it's still bugging me by being in the updates list, forcing itself to be there and in my way. sigh. anyone know how to remove it from the Play Store? I'm rooted, if that helps. –  foregon Mar 22 at 5:46
Worked out Hangouts: in the 'All' apps list in settings, it's 'com.google.android.talk' :)... –  foregon Mar 24 at 2:35

Above answer only stops them from appearing, it doesn't remove them. For that you'll need to root. Here's a guide that kind of answers your problem: Be careful! Droidviews: Removing Stock Apps.

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That was excellent, thank you very much! Not all apps I wanted to remove were there, but for the ones that were that was even better than my 'disabling' solution! (Though I'm not sure whether they should be disabled first anyway, in case it mucks up the Play Store apps presence issue or not...[if they're hard deleted suddenly despite wanting to still sync them to the account or something.]) –  foregon Apr 2 at 0:32

For now, you should go to Google Play and get an app that can force uninstall any app. Then, you need to root your phone. ( As system apps cannot be removed without hacking ) After you obtain root, you can get rid of any app. You could even delete the Android System app. But you shouldn't. I deleted Facebook from my phone. It was being forced on to my phone. It was 500MB of space i cleared up. That's a lot.

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Try this:

Uninstall google apps, Remove google account from android and new google account and do not install those apps again!

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Whilst this may theoretically answer the question, it would be preferable to include the essential parts of the answer here, and provide the link for reference (please edit your question and do so). Otherwise your question ceases to be helpful in case the link dies. –  bmdixon Nov 3 at 14:48
Moreover: The apps listed are usually pre-installed on the device – so "not install those apps again" is no option: they are already there, even after a factory-reset. And "uninstall Google apps" is no option either, unless the device is rooted (OP didn't state that and neither sounds like). –  Izzy Nov 8 at 16:27

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