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Has somebody been able to run Google Books in the emulator?

I've installed this app, but when I run it, the only thing I get is a "Google Accounts" - "0 accounts" banner, with the rest of the screen in black.

I've configured the e-mail in the "device" with a Google account, and it works sending and retrieving messages.

I really hope this is a noob question with a really simple answer. For the moment, I don't know what the Books app is expecting or where's it looking for that Google account.

Thanks! =)

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In Accounts and sync there should be a list of More accounts, of which Google is an option. Does anyone know if it's different on the simulator? – Matthew Read Mar 4 '11 at 15:23

You would need to configure the account information in Settings -> Accounts and Sync. That is where the "Google Account" needs to reside.

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