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Sometimes a texting conversation on android hangouts says my friend's number is something I've never seen before - a 678 number.

I think this occurs when I began the conversation using my desktop chrome google voice.

Is this a know issue?

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This is how Google Voice works by design. Here is the relevant exert from the Help article:

Each time you place a call, instead of dialing the number you want to reach, Google Voice dials a US-based direct access number. The Google Voice server then forwards your call to the actual destination number. This allows for faster call setup and the ability to place calls without a data connection. These direct access numbers may show in your phone's call log, or on your phone bill.

A unique direct access phone number is assigned to each person that you call. The direct access numbers are stored in the Google Voice application, not in your Contacts. They can be purged from your phone at any time by signing out of the Google Voice app.

Direct access numbers are assigned randomly, and may include numbers that are out of your local calling area, or even out of state. If you don't have a nationwide calling plan, you may be charged long distance rates by your carrier.

Basically unique, auto-generated numbers are assigned to your contacts as you dial them. These numbers don't change, but will be different from your contacts' actual telephone numbers.

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So it makes sense to include this new number in my friend's contact info? – Eliyahu Apr 7 '14 at 16:48
@Eliyahu I started to, mostly so that my outbound call log is even remotely recognizable. I just add the GV direct access number as a "DO NOT USE" custom label name. – Chahk Apr 7 '14 at 16:51

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