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Me and my friend's galaxy 5 has a weak Wi-Fi signal. Even in a few meters from access point, it has 2 lines of antenna.
Is there any solution for increasing signal?

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Sometimes there may be interference from other electronic / microwave equipment.

In your router / access point's settings change the channel and see if there's any improvement.

Also, don't be taken in so much by the bars displayed. Very often, I see only 2 bars, but in the WiFi settings, I see the signal strength displayed as EXCELLENT.

The other usual rules apply - place your router as high as you can. Place it away from other cordless phones or electronic devices that can generate interference.

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Thank you very much. I tested it by 5 or 6 access points. If the distance is above 10 meters, it disconnects frequently. But I should test channels. – Heidar Mar 7 '11 at 5:18

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