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Just came across a problem when switching from Blackberry Touch to the Galaxy S3. How can I automatically move the contacts from the old device to the new one without typing it myself? Some one suggested me using Google sync but the problem is that Google services are blocked in my country. Anyone has other solution to fix the problem? Thx

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First method: Turn on bluetooth on your phones. Use the bb to look for the samsung, then when u find it, pair it. then click on the samsung phone, and u should get the option to transfer contacts. not too sure about the other stuff.

Second method: try Phone to Phone transfer app. Phone to Phone transfer can be downloaded from the androidphonesoft website free of cost and its the same with itunes, then connect your blackberry and samsung s3 to computer, run the program then you will see all the itmes on the program ,just start to copy, all of your data will be transfered to galaxy s3, very easy, this artilce may help you: How to transfer contacts from BlackBerry to Samsung Galaxy s3

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