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I use samsung galaxy y duos.And my samsung keypad fails abruptly at times.When I tap in the places where I need to give in the words,keypad appears but when I type in, the keypad works nice but there aren't any word in the input box.It happens in all kind of application and messaging.What should I do prevent this happen ever again.Somebody please edit this question with good english.

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I had similar problems with my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. When I wanted to write a post for a forum I got the writing window and the keyboard but when I typed three letters the keyboard vanished and this problem continued. Later I discovered how to really shut down the tablet by pressing the switch-off a bit longer. Then I got a message: Switch off the tablet? I clicked okay. When I turned on my tablet again after some time the trouble with writing was gone.

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Problem persists even after doing.Will this be an activity by a virus? – Otnas Apr 24 '14 at 19:29

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