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I am trying to convince my wife to switch from the Motorola stock calendar app to Jorte. Is there a way to synch Jorte with your Outlook calendar? If not, is there another calendar app that beats the pants off the stock one?

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From Jorte's description, it looks like you can synchronize Jorte with Google Calendar. You can also synchronise Outlook with Google Calendar using Google Calendar Sync.

So if you're happy using Google Calendar as a "middle-man" then it would be possible to sync the two.

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Thanks. I really would rather not route the Outlook calendar through Google Calendar. I was hoping there was another option for synching your Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar to the same calendar app. – Stainsor Mar 10 '11 at 15:33

Try the app MyPhoneExplorer. Free to download at Google Play. Easy to sync Outlook on PC to Android smartphone and Jorte. Works like a charm.

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