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Is there any messaging manager that would allow me:

  • to see a contact name instead of phone number if the number is in my contacts?
  • make me able to call phone number from inside a SMS like: "call '101' you have 3 new Voice messages. The 101 was clickable in my old HTC Sense

HTC Desire & CM7

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I don't know what of these features it has, but Handcent SMS is worth a try, everyone seems to like it. I believe they have a trial version.

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AFAIK, Handcent is freeware supported by text ads in the settings screen. Additional services need to be paid for (like online backup etc.) – Sparx Mar 11 '11 at 8:53

Handcent SMS does indeed have this feature - click SETTINGS > NOTIFICATION SETTINGS > POPUP SETTINGS - check the SMART LINKS option. That will make URLS / numbers and addresses clickable.

Handcent shows the username if that user's contact details are present in your address book (Contacts), however it doesn't show the name instead of a number in a message, only in the message list.

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