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I downloaded a drawing app for my Xoom and it saves the pictures to the local device (called "SD Card" even though it is internal space).

How do I delete those files? I can find them to attach to email, but they don't appear in my list of "downloads".

Do I need to get another app? Is there nothing that comes with the Xoom that lets me manage those files?

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You'll need a file manager, and just browse to the same path that you do when you attach to email.

If the Xoom doesn't have a file manager, I recommend Root Explorer. If you don't have root you can try another, like Astro File Manager.

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Matthew recommended some good apps (+1) and I wanted to also recommend ES File Explorer. If any of the ones already mentioned don't work here is a search of the file explorer apps in the Android Market. Once you find one you can install it straight from the market page.

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