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I realize sometimes when browsing with https shows the certificate is not valid "This certificate is not from a trusted authority", clicking continue will just poping up the same warning. That time, I start thinking certificate store not updated. I trying to compare with Windows trusted CA which it will be updated automatically.

I think certificate must be update in a period of time since the validity of trusted CA is about 1 to a few years.

I cannot find this thing mention in Android anywhere. Does the way it manage certificates is different? How can I make sure I get the latest update?

Anyone realize this?

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The CACert Application should work; it doesn't work on older devices. You may also want to use the curated list the Guardian Project puts out: rationale here; direct link here.

Requires 2.2 or newer.

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Thank you, but CACert require ROOTED phone. Defenetly I root my phone and upgrade to 2.3 but This is the must, why android did not manage the cert for https properly. It is hard to browse https site on the phone. It should have or update all available CA on the planet to all Android phone automatically just like windows did, I think. – CallMeLaNN Sep 28 '11 at 3:54
I don't have an answer for that :( – Broam Sep 28 '11 at 16:30

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