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If not, is there another app that gives this functionality?

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I don't think that any of the Android phones on the market at the moment (including the Nexus S) have a proper optical zoom, so the best you're going to get is a digital zoom that you could just do yourself in Photoshop later. – GAThrawn Mar 17 '11 at 13:53
What GAThrawn said - digital zoom is essentially the same as cropping the image afterwards which you can do within the standard gallery app after taking your picture. – FoleyIsGood Mar 17 '11 at 18:47
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There is no timer built in, but you can crop images in the standard gallery app which is essentially the same as digital zoom.

There are a number of apps which list timer functionality (I haven't tried them myself so can't verify first hand how well they work):

Plus a load of others.

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You can definitely zoom. I don't believe there's a timer, but an app like PRO Zoom Camera 5x should work for that (note, it doesn't say whether it works for the NS). Additionally, you could use an app like Tasker to time the shot; its website mentions that specifically.

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