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I am trying to establih an Ftp connection between my Archos tablet and my Galaxy phone.

I am using the swiFTP server program on my Archos.

I am able to connect to the Archos from the phone using an TPP client but when I try to copy any file Ireceive the message '550 Invaid name or chroot violation'.

Can anyone explain what this means?

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Looks like this is a pretty common problem.

One of the comments in the second link says that you need to change /sdcard to /mnt/sdcard. Apparently Android 2.2 changed the way the SDCard is mounted and the error you're receiving comes from /sdcard being a symbolic link in 2.2 rather than an absolute path.

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@HonnyP: /mnt/sdcard did not work. Looking at the links you put in you answer, I decided to try / as 'Stay within folder'in swiFTP. Once I did that, I could connect to the Archos, and even more, could change folder. On the Archos I had to change to /mnt/storage before I was able to copy files ( the /sdcard looks to be a symbolic link to /mnt/storage on the Archos 101. Thanks for you help, it really made me look at the correct place to find the solution. – Edelcom Mar 21 '11 at 14:50
@Edelcom - No problem, glad I could help! – newuser Mar 21 '11 at 15:07

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