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I want to run some commands on my rooted android phone. It is not very practical to interact with a shell using the touch screen, therefore I wanted to run a daemon on it and connect to it from a PC. I can't use the wifi connection for that because it is not working properly. I figured that it should be possible to do it via bluetooth or USB, but I could not find information on how to do it.

Is there any ready-to-use solution?

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Yes, just use ADB over USB and run adb shell. See

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Before you run adb you have to install the developer kit and set up your SDK environment to detect your phone (instructions). Then you'll be able to use the android debug bridge, or adb, as @Matthew_Read suggests.

Connect your USB cables, check for a dialog on your phone to allow it to be mounted, and then run adb devices from your computer to confirm that your phone really is talking to adb. From there you can use adb shell to launch a shell environment.

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Thanks for the clarification. – Antoine Aubry Mar 22 '11 at 19:43

There is a app called Android Shell in Google Play. You can install it on your device and use the web UI ( to connect to the device and execute commands.

Disclaimer - I am the author of this app

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How would this work in the situation the OP describes, where WiFi is not a working option? – eldarerathis May 5 '14 at 15:56

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