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I have an Xperia X10 mini pro. How can I use it as an external speaker?

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Please be more specific. Do you want to connect a device to your xperia and have the audio routed thru the loudspeaker? – Sparx Mar 23 '11 at 13:45
Yes, you are correct. I like to connect the external device, which is stored a music files, to the xperia and then play the music through xperia. an example, to connect the mp3 player with xperia, but i need to use my phone as speaker. May be the external device can be change, like system or any other player. – Mr. Black Mar 25 '11 at 8:34

I don't know of any way to make your phone a remote speaker alone but there are methods that would achieve basically the same result. Without knowing your exact goal it's hard to give you a specific recommendation but here is one way to have audio stored on a seperate device play through you phones speaker/headphones:

Setting up a wireless media server will allow you to stream media from your computer to you phone. So while it's not simply acting as a speaker, you are able to hear media that is stored on your computer on your phone.

There are numerous ways to do this like using DLNA or any of the number of apps that serve media over wifi or 3G.

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I just installed AirBubble which is seen, in iTunes, as an external speaker. Works great.

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The headphone jack has 3 channels. 1 mono mic and 1 stereo outputs. While you could modify a headset cord to input the mono channel from another set of headphone cables this would not produce any level of quality sound. I have a Xperia X10 and the frequencies on the mic input are narrow.

Highly recommend you copy the music from the mp3 player to a computer and copy from the computer to your phone. Add a larger micro SD card if necessary.

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