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Current, major and trustworthy ROMs only please. I'm not implying that smaller ROMs all contain malware - 99% probably don't, but for something like this I want to be as sure as possible.

A simple revocation like CM used to have in version 7 would be fine, though blank data would be preferable.

I'm aware of Xprivacy, but prefer something simpler and built-in. Xprivacy's communication with its server is a negative as well.

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It's impossible to list every ROM for every device that includes permission management.

To start, go to XDA-Developers and navigate to your device's subform. From there, simply read the feature list of the ROMs that sound interesting.

There's a reason why standalone applications such as XPrivacy and App Opps exist - they're easy to use even without a custom ROM or Kernel.

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The question does not ask to take devices into account. The number of ROMs that would be considered major is finite as well. –  user65256 Jun 30 '14 at 20:52

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