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When I was shooting photos mostly on my offline point and shoot camera, there was one obvious way to manage the pictures: copy them to desktop via USB, then delete from camera. This was typically automated using picasa out similar.

Then came the smartphones. You can still use the same technique, but Google+ and dropbox offer instant upload for backup purposes. So everything I shoot is copied to the cloud, but I still keep it in my phone. I can delete, but that's not automated at all. And I have to be sure not to delete stuff that wasn't yet uploaded.

Am I missing something here? Is there an obvious solution to this problem? Or is everyone fine with using USB like with regular cameras?

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Solution to what problem? –  Al E. Jul 5 at 20:29
@AlE. Problem: uploading my photos to a cloud storage service and removing the original. In an automatic and safe way. –  noamtm Jul 6 at 5:54
Although there is no accepted answer, may be worth a read here –  Jonny Wright Jul 7 at 13:26

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Personally I just delete photos from my device every month, and with Google+ photos its easy to see which have been uploaded and which haven't.

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