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I have got an Archos 70 and today while playing a game I got an error. After that system is restarting automatically and it gives following error.

'process system is not responding'

And then it restarts again and so on. Anyone faced this issue before?

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I have an archos70 and i have the same issue today. I cant turn it off. it restarts itself again and again. While it starts im pressing the volume + button but no recovery mode appears. What can i do now. It seems i have to wait until the battery discharges, or is there another method to get to the recovery mode? – user4036 Apr 2 '11 at 7:45

Yes. I too have an Archos 70 and had this same issue. All I did was to turn it off, then reboot it in"Recovery Mode".

  • Turn off the device and wait 10 seconds.
    • Press and hold the volume + button while powering on the device.
    • Keep the volume + pressed until the Recovery mode starts (white screen).
    • To move from one option to another, use the volume buttons. To select an option, press the
      ON/OFF button. Then proceeded to run "Check Disk".

All returned to normal after the tablet was then rebooted.

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I found a post on another forum regarding this same problem on an Archos 5. Here's a post that seems to explain a workaround for this problem:

Low memory conditions do crazy things with Android on the 5A. Poor memory management yielding: Increased Response time, Extended Slowdowns, Freezing, Reboot, and the like.

To make this even worse, the Android Archos 5 usually gives us no warning. What to do!?!

Turn on Settings>Sound & display>Audible selection

Then you get a "click" each time you tap a screen selection.

The Warning: Not Hearing the Click After a Tap

The Action: Wait until you hear the tap "click".

As Android matures with better memory management this will go away. Maybe Google with fix it this year, especially if Android devices get more market penetration.

I'd give this a shot and see if you end up seeing this error less frequently. The whole thread makes it sound like these Archos devices have issues with memory management, leading to a crash when the RAM gets full.

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