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The device I want to install Nexus onto is the Onda VI10 tablet.

I found some Nexus factory images here, and I would like to install them. Is this possible?

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Welcome to Android Enthusiasts! This happens to be a question frequently asked on our site. Have you tried our on-site search? See How do I search? for help using it. See e.g. Why are there not generic phone OS installers? / Is there any custom rom which can be installed on any android device –  Izzy Jul 14 at 11:50

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Short answer: no.

Long answer: Nexus factory images, as so kindly implied by their name, are complete snapshots of the software installed on a Nexus device prior to leaving the factory.

Due to the device-specific nature of Android, e.g. it needs specific drivers for it to run on any one given device, it is generally impossible (or illogical, as it seems) to run a build of Android for a specific device on another device.

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