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In a similar vein to this question, I'm interested in finding any useful recipes for Tasker.

I've found several profiles and "Step Throughs" on their wiki, but would be interested in any others that people have found helpful.


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Shame this one is closed, it would make a good community wiki. Tasker comes up in so many answers - it's a real problem solver! – FoleyIsGood Apr 27 '11 at 19:01

Here's a good one I found on Lifehacker a while back.

I changed a few things when I did it, like allow the text to come from any phone and send the reply to that phone, and making the SOS text a passphrase so that nobody accidentally sent it to me.

I also made one that turned my ringer up and played a song for when I lose my phone around the house. I can just text my phone 123findme and it will play a song even if I left it on vibrate mode.


Launching ConnectBot remote commands in answer to another question.

Awesome! This solves a problem I have with the Wake on LAN plugins I have tried in the past. Now when I connect to my home WiFi, I can automatically send a WoL packet to my PC from my home content server. – Strozykowski Sep 27 '10 at 16:57

I just posted a couple of profiles in an answer to another question that together allow for the handset's location to be periodically checked then sent via SMS or HTTP. The profiles enable GPS if needed then power it down again when done.

Seeing as Gadgets has been closed down, can you repeat your answer here? – Damovisa Sep 20 '10 at 22:06

I saw a comment on Lifehacker that someone had set it up so that an email from a certain address would cause their phone to send an SMS. That is pretty cool!