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I asked a similar question regarding an alternate email program here My similar question about an email client, and got a logical answer. Thanks.

However, what happens, I now wonder, when you install another home locker program( I presume this is the name for the software that locks your screen , no ) ?

Since the device itself 'locks' your phone, you may not be around to choose the one you want to use.

Or does , installing another one, automatically disables the current ?

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Basically, the replacement lockscreen program will have a service running that recognizes when the phone 'locks' and then overrides the default lockscreen with the one you've created through that app. There is typically a delay of a few seconds, so it's possible to still see the default lockscreen on occasion. I've been using WidgetLocker for some time now and have been very happy with it. It's available on the Market.

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