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I have an Android phone which is not rooted.

Is there any way I can obtain/export a list of all installed packages with their available activities?

ADWLauncher has an activity picker in its custom shortcut feature. It lists things like:

  Camera(.VideoCamera_dual) ...

I have apps which generate a list of installed packages, but how can I get something like this showing all the activities?

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I'm curious what you want to accomplish with this. How does it help you to know what the activity names are in each package? –  Daniel Apr 1 '11 at 16:28
It's partly curiousity and trying to better understand my phone and the apps. But my larger goal is to use some of these in Tasker programming. –  MsLis Apr 2 '11 at 2:44
You can use ROM Toolbox -> App Manager -> long click on app -> advanced freeze -> it will show you all registered activities, services, broadcast receivers for that app. –  Jared Rummler Aug 4 at 15:31

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I haven't tried it but it's probably possible to write an app to do this using the PackageManager and PackageInfo classes.

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Writing an app probably exceeds my programming abilities and definitely outstrips my available time. :( That's why I was hoping to find something on the market (or sideloadable) which could do it for me. :/ –  MsLis Apr 2 '11 at 2:46

Have a look at Inspector. It lists the apk filenames (e.g. /system/app/HTCCamera.apk, not the app name) and the activities.

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The app seems to be removed/not available now. –  Andrew T. Jun 24 at 8:26

AppXplore might help you.

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