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I used Locale for a long time. But Since I've upgraded to 1.5.2 version, it doesn't work very well. I had bunch of installed plugins that are not appear in Conditions/Settings. I've already tried to remove all of the plugins and the application and reinstall it again. Nothing happenned. I've also tried to use in on different firmwares (official 2.1, 2.2.1) with same result.

Is there any idea whats wrong?


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I am the developer of Locale.

This issue only occurs with pirated copies of Locale. Pirated copies of Locale are modified by hackers, so a pirated copy of the app is NOT the same as the version purchased from the Android Market. The hacking process changes the code of the app, introducing new bugs that weren't present in the original.

Please only install Locale from the Android Market, which will resolve this issue.

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The release notes don't indicate that compatibility has changed, so it's probably a bug. You can report bugs to the developer, check out the Support area on the website:

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