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phone : htc hero.
I've started using rom manager for clockwork mod.
However; it seems that every time I want to reboot into clockwork recovery; I need to reflash it.
Rom manager shows that current recovery is clockwork; but if try rebooting into recovery without reflashing; i get stock recovery (which ofc does not support nandroid backup :D)

Any idea why is this happening and how to prevent it?

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"Fake flash"

  • When you boot into recovery via vol-down at power up, you get stock
  • When you boot into recovery using RM you get

You need to flash permanently eg via alpha rev, unrevoked or via adb. I have a desire so what I used may not work for you.

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thanks; I guess it's a feature; not a bug. – bbaja42 Apr 2 '11 at 18:42

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