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Has anybody else encountered this problem? I go into my message inbox and at that point I see I have unread text messages that were received many hours before without notification.

I have got the notifications configured appropriately to alert me to new text messages in the status bar. This is an intermittent problem.

Any help much appreciated.

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Other folks here have suggested that the issue may be with your SIM card:

I was having a similar problem which was resolved when I reset my phone to factory settings (for other reasons). It might be worth asking your carrier for a new SIM, though.

PS. This user asked about sms receipt delays -- a different but related question.

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Could you link to the other answer(s) where a SIM card issue was suggested? – Matthew Read Apr 4 '11 at 13:26
I did link to the one, but I made that more explicit. I can't find others (though I did discover a lot of tag synonyms ...) – Amanda Apr 4 '11 at 17:55
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In case anybody else is having the issue still, my phone recently picked up the Gingerbread release. This appears to have resolved the problem.

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