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Is there a media player for android that can play an mp3 10% faster or slower if the user wants to?

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I use Astro Player (Beta) for this. It allows settings from 5% to 200%, and can adjust pitch. See 'Playback Speed' setting on the Options menu. Note this operation is warned as an "experimental mode" and unstable, but I have used it successfully.

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Astro Player supports 2x speed with the same pitch, 1.5x speed with the same pitch, slow (half?) speed with the same pitch, and adjusting the playback speed (and pitch) with a slider from 0.05 to 1.95 . The speed and mode can be adjusted on-the-fly, while playing. – pts Dec 20 '10 at 21:43

Rockbox has a very early port to Android that allows speeding up an MP3 once the Timestrech option is enabled. The port is very functional, but the UI and integration with Android still leave much to be desired. Jon Corbet of LWN did a good summary article a few weeks ago. The most important piece of advice before using it:

Imagine that your screen is a 3x3 grid, where the middle is used as the selector, left-right-up-down are used as cursor keys. The other directions have special functions in some screens, e.g. in Now Playing screen with the upper left you can access some playback mode settings.

Having previously enjoyed Rockbox on a several previous Sansa players, I personally excuse the UI shortcomings and use it when playing long stretches of podcasts. I like that set the playback speed (independant of the pitch) from 50% of the original speed to (at least) 200%. In increments of a tenth of a percent. Depending on the subject and the speed with which people speak, I will listen to a podcasts at 175%, 166%, 150%, 133%, or 125%.

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I wrote Osplay, which does this as its main feature. I consider it a stable product and am now only issuing bugfixes.

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Astro Player supports speed up playback up to 6x with the same pitch.

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That product was already mentioned in this answer. – Al E. Mar 18 '11 at 20:25

VLC For Android has a feature to play faster or slower

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I have used the free Audio Speed Changer but did also buy Astor Player

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Please also provide a Play Store link. – Flow Oct 20 '12 at 16:50