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There are lots of wifi hotspots that are open, but require a web-based login to use. Hotels, coffeeshops, workplaces. For password-protected wifi, it's easy to set up Android phones to remember the login and password. But I'd like to be able to use my workplace's open wifi with web-based password on a regular basis, without having to manually type stuff in. It should just automatically connect to the Wifi router, go to or whatever, type in my password, and then everything else should just work. Is this possible?

(HTC Evo running Android 2.2, fwiw...)

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You might be able to do that with tasker, but it's paid. – Malabarba Jan 6 '11 at 17:11

The best you can do is set it up to auto-connect to the network and then manually open a browser when you're in range. Save the username and password in the browser. That gets it down to 2 clicks (er... touches). Make sure Remember Passwords is on the the browser's settings.

There are some apps that claim to do what you want but I've never used them. Here is a list.

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WIFI Web Login works great for those that require a username/password or an email, or even just a checkbox to agree the EULA.

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Setup the router to allow autologons, this is secure, and no web required. Contact the IT person of the shop.

Mac address of the devices will always show in the router logs, device names may not always.

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