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I live in scandinavia and the Market for paid applications is not available here yet. Is there any way I can enable it? Or a workaround?

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Similar question is available at… – Silent Warrior Sep 14 '10 at 16:56
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You don't need to root if you get a prepaid sim card from a country where paid market is visible. Of course it's bit annoying to have to change the sim from time to time...

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You need to install an application called Market Enabler, note this only works on rooted phones . You can download it from here

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Both rooting and using a prepaid SIM seem a bit extreme. I'd suggest looking at other App Markets to see if that will help before turning to such drastic measures. I have started a question here about different App Markets and suggested two in the question. Hopefully, there will be some replies soon and you may have your pick.

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