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Is it possibe to change the channel my phone broadcasts its Wi-Fi hotspot on?

Right now it's using the same channel as my neighbour (6). My router is reporting several unused slots.

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If you're referring to the one built into Froyo (and I assume Gingerbread), when you're creating your hostspot hit the Menu button and you'll see Advanced options. In there you can select the channel.

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I'm reasonably sure that you cannot change the WiFi hotspot channel without firmware modification in standard Android Gingerbread.

I have an Nexus One (Android version 2.3.6) and I have not found any advanced menu accessible from the menu button and I've tried hitting the menu button to no avail in every WiFi tethering page. I've only been able to change SSID, Key & Security mode.

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I've found the solution right now!

My problem was, that I have a FT3 tablet, which's Wi-Fi hates the 6th channel. It works on each other, except the 6th. I have also an Alcatel (Telenor) OT-990 phone, with Android 2.2 OS, which broadcasts it's network on 6th ch. when I use it as a portable wi-fi hotspot.

But, finally I found an aplication called: Barnacle Wifi Tether.

If you want to change the channel:

  1. download the aplication: Play Store or here
  2. run the application
  3. Go to: SETTINGS and you can change the channel number

If you touch the START button, the app asks for root su permissions. If you aren't a root su, don't worry, the phone keeps the changed channel number...

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