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There are a lot of apps that turn an android phone into a remote control for a desktop system, but only for windows based systems.

I use ubuntu and I only find Remote droid , works ok but only through a wifi network.

I tried to used blueputdroid, and the app told me that didnot have support for my rom. My phone is a samsung galaxy S with android 2.1

Are there other apps that I do not know?

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Update: Check UnifiedRemote -- site reference.
Requires Windows and .NET Framework 4.

Older reference,
Have you tried URemoteDesktop?

Designed to remote control any Ubuntu desktop PC. (also can be used on windows, but was designed for Ubuntu).
Change music (Previous, Next, Play/Pause, Mute)
On Ubuntu any player on system. (Totem, SongBird <<< no need on focus the app).
On Windows (Windows Media Player Presenter functions (Next, previous) Compatible with Power Point and OpenOffice.

Screen Control / Desktop Control

Remote WIFI Keyboard

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Thanks its works, but I would like to have bluetooth support – byroncorrales Apr 19 '11 at 5:03
Oops, I picked the wrong one then. Updated now. – nik Apr 19 '11 at 15:31

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