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Is there a free location-aware todo list out there?

I need something, that: reminds me to buy milk, when I'm near to my favourite shop.

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New app Location Alert will do this.

Never forget another task with Location Alert - now available completely free! Location Alert is a cutting-edge application that reminds you to perform tasks based upon your current location, rather than time. Often there are tasks to which you cannot specify a certain time, however, would like to be reminded when in a certain vicinity. For instance, you don’t know when exactly you will leave work this evening, but whenever you do, and are crossing the grocery store on your way home, you want to be reminded to pick up milk. Location Alert to the rescue!

  • Don't know what time you'll be crossing the science department, but need to remember to drop off that assignment whenever you do?
  • Don't know what time you'll reach office but must remember to hand in that check to accounting?
  • Need a reminder to pick up the DVD you left at Sam's house whenever you're in the vicinity next time?


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If you are already using Locale (which is not free), Astrid is a free task/todo list manager which can be configured to open a list of tasks with a specific tag. Astrid also integrates with Remember the Milk.

You can configure the list to open by various Locale conditions, including location.

I use it to remind me of maintenance tasks when I'm near the hardware store.

Additionally, Remember the Milk is a free app which can trigger by location, but it does require a Pro subscription to Remember The Milk's website.

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The developers of Astrid wrote a blog post on our website about how to configure Astrid with Locale. Please take a look here… – Locale Support Jan 19 '11 at 15:14
Unfortunately Astrid no more supports RTM :( – pihentagy Aug 31 '11 at 10:16

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