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I am trying to edit the lcd density in build.prop in /system but every time after reboot my changes are lost..

I tried to adb pull + edit + adb push in normal and recovery mode.. also i tried fileexpert and super manager but nothing worked.

I heard many people saying about root explorer but its not free.. I want to be sure if my problem will be solved with root explorer then i will buy it..

Please help me out guys..

I am using android 2.3.3 on HTC HD2. My Rom is custom one (HyperDroidGBX-v12)

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Answering my own question as found the solution. We can edit build.prop from mobile. I downloaded ES file explorer which is free. then from optin set "root explorer" and set "mount system as read/write" Now edit build.prop and save it using ES file explorer's editor then uncheck "root explorer" and "mount system as read/write" for safety..

hope it wil help someone :)

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Excellent! Please be sure to "accept" this as the answer. –  Al E. Apr 29 '11 at 15:50
Yep, the remounting as RO fixed it. I guess it was just simpler for you with a file explorer, mount commands aren't very nice. –  Matthew Read Apr 29 '11 at 18:04

Root Explorer won't solve your problem any more than adb, although it's a great app.

First, I'd try making sure you remount /system as read-only after you push the modified file. If that doesn't work I would assume your bootloader is checking the file and replacing it when it doesn't match what it should be. To help you further, I think we need to know what phone you have; please add that to the question. Your version of Android, name of your ROM if it's custom, etc. will also be useful.

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