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I found an lost Android phone - is there a standard place on Android phones for owner information so I can contact the person who lost it?

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If you go to Settings > Accounts & sync settings, you should be able to see their gmail address and possibly Facebook. You can probably contact them through one of those.

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Settings / About Phone / Status shows the device's phone number. Call it and leave a message. Maybe the owner will check their voicemail from home.

Or call people in the contact list, especially ones that show recent history. "Your buddy lost a phone..."

Or call the carrier and tell them you found the phone. They will be able to contact the phone's owner and relay your contact information.

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There is now a standard place for Android phone users to set their owner information:

Menu -> Settings -> Security - > Owner Information

There is also a checkbox that makes this information show up on the lock screen.

There is an article about it at CNET with this useful screenshot:

owner information screenshot

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