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I usually install different ROMs regularly...

When I set up my account on a fresh ROM, I don't want my phone to start loading all of the apps that I had installed with the same account on previous ROM. I want to choose what I want reinstalled on a new version.

Can I control this behaviour or is there a another way around this?

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Make sure to disable the auto-restore under Menu -> Settings -> Privacy -> Automatic restore before installing a different ROM.

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automatic restore i had disabled for about a month.. in fact i havent checked the option to backup my data even..for more than a month.. – ashishsony May 6 '11 at 18:21

On most ROMs (if not all) there's a checkbox after logging in to your Google account in the initial setup wizard which allows you to enable backup/restore for the device. If you deselect this checkbox, your apps will not be automatically installed.

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After you flash a new ROM, you are usually asked to log-in to your Google account. If I remember correctly, one of the (wizard) steps has a checkbox that will ask if you want to sync your account, or re-install the apps that you installed previously.

Is it possible that you missed this step and just moved to the Next screen?

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