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I have a Nexus One that I want to keep at v2.2 for testing purpose. But the update 2.3.4 has been pushed to my phone and I keep seeing the notification to install it. Is it possible to disable the system update notification?

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I believe the only way to stop the OTA notifications for good is to unlock/root the handset and install FOTAkill.apk to the /system/app/ directory. The version of this app for Froyo can be found within the GApps package.

You might also need to "fake" your phone's signature by modifying the /system/build.prop file and altering the lines, so that they match the latest OS version.

On my Nexus One (it's rooted and running CyanogenMod 7) these are the relevant entries:
ro.product.model=Nexus One
ro.product.manufacturer=HTC 2.3.3 GRI40 102588 release-keys

In either case you will need to root your N1.

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