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I have 1gb of traffic per month. Internet speed is 2.2mbits, so it's pretty easy to waste all gb in a few days. I don't usually watch youtube from my phone, and 500-700 kbits would be pretty enough for me. Is there an application or way I can manually limit 3g speed manually, without rooting the phone?

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If all else fails, you could set the “Use only 2G networks” option...

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Well that's too slow and doesn't worth it. But thanks) – creitve Aug 23 '10 at 10:17

3G Watchdog is capable, when coupled with APNdroid or JuiceDefender, to automatically disable mobile internet connections when you reach a configurable % of your quota.

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Try NetSentry or 3G Watchdog.

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I use 3g watchdog and NetCounter, but these only collect data about traffic, don't limit it in any way. – creitve Aug 23 '10 at 15:07
Did you try Netsentry? It doesn't limit traffic but can notify when limits are reached. – Webs Aug 23 '10 at 15:51
Apps which I use have this function too and much more. Thanks anyway) – creitve Aug 24 '10 at 11:56

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