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I have a Sprint Samsung Captivate phone, and I am somewhat sharing it with co-worker. Problem is that every time I want to download an app free or otherwise, her username comes up and prompts for password. I would like to add own email and download under that without removing her account. Much easier said than done. I cannot seem to get her logged out and a new prompt for username and password where I could enter my user name. This is a much tougher problem than I ever imagined.

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I am open to all options here including deleting marketplace accounts and re-adding if needed. –  barcodereader May 10 '11 at 0:00
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Unfortunately you can't do this. You would need to entirely remove your account (the primary phone account) from the phone and add hers as the primary account, which would perform a factory reset on the phone. Hopefully future versions of the Android OS will support multiple users, especially the tablet versions, but currently it does not.

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