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I have Broadband connection at home, and from my PC running Linux, I use the pppoeconf command to connect to internet, that in turn asks me for the username and password both provided by my ISP (BSNL).

Is there a way to create a broadband connection on my android phone?

PS: I'm currently using Android 2.2 (Froyo), and I don't wanna setup a proxy connection on my machine.

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Are you able to connect a Wifi router to your broadband connection? That would be the normal way to share a broadband connection to a phone. – GAThrawn May 10 '11 at 10:22
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WIFI PPPOE by cnDDU is an app that allows you to make a PPPoE connection from your phone over a wireless connection:

...main purpose is for user to make PPPOE connection via WIFI, e.g. dialing through ADSL Modem with user name and password provided by some internet ISPs. This app makes the Android devices be able to connect to Internet directly via PPPOE dialing through WIFI, and no need for another WIFI Router any more.

Note that a rooted phone with Busybox installed is required to use this app.

There are also a number of other similar apps available in the Play Store now, some free, some not. They all currently seem to require a rooted phone.

(answer rescued from deletions)

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You could use You need to install the app on your phone and on your laptop. Works with windows.

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