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What is a good application on Android to open Microsoft Excel files?

Is there any way to install Open Office in Android Emulator, So that I can Open XLS sheet in Android Emulator for my apps.Any help will really be appreciated. Thanks a lot

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Don't understand the downvotes, esp. since the question came from StackOverflow. However ... @abk you'll probably get better answers here if you clarify the problem you're trying to solve (reading and/or editing an excel file). Installing Open Office is probably not the only possible solution to your problem. –  Amanda May 10 '11 at 16:51

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There is currently no available port of OpenOffice.org or LibreOffice for Android. Android is very different from a traditional Linux distribution, so code written for one will not simply run on the other, despite the fact that they share some facets like a kernel.

There has been some work toward an Android version of LibreOffice, but it is not ready to be released yet. Ars Technica reported about a demo of the initial prototype.

There are, however, many other apps which will allow you to open and/or edit .xls files.

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yes it is android market you can install it in your device . QuickOffice is also there in Android market for reading XLS documents.

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This answer is incredibly misleading. OpenOffice.org is not available for Android. There is an app called OpenOffice Document reader, but this is, again, not OpenOffice.org itself. It's just a 3rd party app designed to read .odt and .ods files. It even states in the description that it doesn't support Microsoft Office formats! –  eldarerathis May 10 '11 at 13:10

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