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I like to use the hardware keyboard of the Desire Z including shortcuts, however I haven't found a complete list. For example, the HTC help pages don't mention Function + Backspace = Deletion of text left to the cursor.

Can anyone provide a complete list or further "secret" shortcuts? This might also involve the usage of the optical "trackball", e.g. selecting text by using it while pressing Shift.

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Thanks, these were the help pages I referred to... hope there is more to come! – Joe May 15 '11 at 18:31
In apps where there are shortcuts. Press menu once, then hold menu. The titles of each option should now show their keyboard shortcuts, if available. – thunsaker Jul 17 '11 at 5:48

As the links in the comments are partly broken, I try to sum some things up here -- before the remaining links go to Nirvana as well.

Global Shortcuts

Access number pad – Tap the 12# button on the keyboard 
Turn on CAPS – Tap and hold the up arrow/Shift key until it has an underline.
Access keyboard settings – Tap the Gear icon on the keyboard

Browser Shortcuts

Homepage – Menu + Spacebar
Find – Menu + F
Select text – Menu + E
Page Info – Menu + G
Share Page – Menu + S
Downloads – Menu + D
History – Menu + H
Settings – Menu + P

Messaging Shortcuts

Press C to compose new message
Press R to reply
Press A to reply all
Press F to forward

(Source: HTC.COM)

Assigning your own Shortcuts

While on the Home screen, you can quickly open an app or an item by pressing a keyboard shortcut.

  1. While on the Home screen, open the slideout keyboard.
  2. Press and hold any of the keyboard keys (A ~ Z).
  3. Tap OK.
  4. Tap Apps or Shortcuts, and then tap the app or shortcut that you want to assign to the selected key. If you are assigning a shortcut to an item on your phone, follow the screen instructions to proceed.
  5. While on the Home screen, press and hold the key you’ve assigned a keyboard shortcut to. The app or item opens.

(Source: HTC.COM)

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