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When I try to download an SVG through the default browser (eg, by clicking on the image on a Wikipedia illustration - despite the .svg extension, that page is actually showing a PNG preview), the 'Downloads' says, 'Cannot download. The content is not supported on the phone'.

I tried installing a SVG editor, thinking then the phone would figure out I could view SVGs, but no luck.

[ETA: Is it a mistake by this program that it hasn't registered itself on my phone as a .svg handler?]

Luckily Firefox displays SVGs natively, but still, there should be a way to download files even if the phone "thinks" it can't display it! Any ideas?

Running Froyo on Samsung Galaxy S.

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Download Crutch registers itself as a handler for all files, letting you download any file type. Download it on a PC and save to your SD card, then install from your phone. Third-party sources must be enabled in Settings -> Applications.

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Hm, do you know why it's not in the Market? Seems a bit weird. – pfctdayelise May 17 '11 at 5:22
@pfctdayelise I'm not sure. – Matthew Read May 17 '11 at 13:25

Some file managers such as "Astro" will optionally register themselves to handle arbitrary files for the web browser - but there may (still?) be a warning about this breaking attachment preview in gmail.

There there's always the copy the url to clipboard, open a terminal, and paste it into wget, perhaps inside single quotes...

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The stock browser on Android gingerbread, Ice cream Sandwish (and possibly other versions) has this limitation (see resource download_not_acceptable).

It is possible to download more file types with a an alternative browser (ex: Opera mobile) or a download manager.

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