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I have the Dropbox app on my Droid, and it can "Download" files to the local storage on the phone, but for some reason the music playing app can't see those files.

How do I make the music playing app see the mp3s in my Dropbox?

Is there an alternative way I should think about the problem or sync the files?


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Download the app called Rescan Media from the market, run it then go back to your Music player. The music that you downloaded from dropbox should now show up. There are other ways to force this media sync (unmount / remount SD should do it) but this app makes it just the press of a button.

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If you export the tunes to the SD card rather than the music app then they will show straight up in the music player. Just a little annoying that you've got to do them one at a time rather than as a group.

Dropbox > More > Export > Save to SD card > select Music folder

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In Dropbox, simply add MP3s to favorites and they become available in a stock Google Play Music application (Tested in Android ICS)


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That used to work for me, but after downloading the latest Dropbox, it no longer does. Now, even if I favorite an mp3 song on Dropbox and play it within the Dropbox app, it does not appear in my HTC phone's default music player nor Google Play Music. –  wisbucky Jan 31 '14 at 10:15
I see. In this case, after tapping on a song it will be downloaded. Once it is saved, the Play Music app should see it. –  ejboy Feb 2 '14 at 6:26

Some of the more advanced music players have the ability to rescan media from the phone.

In PlayerPro you can do Menu->Settings->Music Library->Refresh mediastore

This should then show up any music added since the last scan.

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