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I went from the HTC "Tilt" running Windows 6.1 to the Samsung INFUSE running Android. I use an exchange server plus Outlook 2010 at my office. I can no longer send/receive text messages from my desktop. Everything else sync's fine. Does Android support an exchange between the PDA and the desktop for text messages?

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SMS Backup + will sync SMS messages to your GMail account, you can then sync those to your outlook using Google Apps Sync.

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No, not directly.

However, if you use Google Voice, you can have all your text messages emailed to you, which would allow you to sync them.

Link to Google Voice

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There is a messaging app called Touchdown which will sync SMS. It is not perfect but I'll never go back. You can see more on their website.

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I don't see anything on that page about SMS, nor on their Android Market page. – Matthew Read May 19 '11 at 15:31

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