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In the gmail app, I keep finding conversations that display multiple draft versions of replies that have long been deleted via the drafts folder. Is there a proper way to remove drafts from all conversations, or perhaps a settings available to fix? v2.2.1, Samsung Charge.

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Have you looked to see if they're still in the Drafts folder in the web interface? – Matthew Read May 30 '11 at 20:34
yes, they are not there. only on the droid. – matt ryan May 30 '11 at 20:48
once the account syncs again, the drafts will most likely disappear. – Ryan Conrad Jun 2 '11 at 20:31
If that were the case, I wouldn't have made this post. – matt ryan Jun 3 '11 at 0:52

Only way I found around it is to find the conversation in the normal gmail web interface, scroll all the way to the bottom where it says "n deleted messages in this conversation. View messages or delete forever." where n is a number and press "delete forever". Certainly not a satisfying solution.

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I had this problem on a Galaxy Nexus with version 4.6 of the GMail app. Clearing the app's data via Settings > Storage > Apps > GMail > Clear Data forced GMail to reload all my messages, and when the troublesome threads reappeared, the drafts were gone.

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For posterity: Clear Data clears your GMail notification (sound and vibration) settings too. There's a Clear Cache setting right below Clear Data that may solve the drafts problem without clearing notification settings; I didn't test that. – bar13 Nov 8 '13 at 19:04

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